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WHO: Anyone of any age or background. No technical skills required.

WHEN: Wednesday June 21st, 2017 starting at 6:00pm

WHERE: CoWorking Night @ Real Estate Row, 1806 University Drive NW Huntsville, AL. 35801


SPONSORS: Arriv.io

CONTACT US: matt@newleafdigital.org


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4 Hours to Product is a monthly design competition comprised of teams of innovators from different professional backgrounds who collaborate, from idea to prototype, to create impactful new technological products through rapid brainstorming and development - in only four hours.



Create a marketing plan for a digital communication strategy towards getting people to think about where and how they are going to park before they actually get there.

Arrivio is an app that requires the driver to register prior to checking in at the parking site. This can make on-boarding challenging, as usually there is not enough time to on-board when you’re pulling up to a parking site to pull a ticket. This means that Arrivio needs to find effective ways to communicate to potential users/ drivers prior to their journey initiating. In that way, a driver would be informed about Arrivio, download and register for the app, and be ready to use it when they pull up to the parking site.

This is a challenge, as most people only think about parking when they are in the moment and need it, or if they’ve had a bad experience. This also means that the person being marketed to more than likely will not be aware of the Arrivio App.

It’s possible that the app may need to change by adding a new feature or modification of a process in order for the marketing plan to work, if this the case, then the changes required will need to be proposed in the marketing plan as well.


About the App



6:00 pm

6:45 pm

  • Short presentation on the challenege and rules
  • Innovators will be split up into teams of 3 people

7:00 pm

  • Teams will collaborate to work on their business plan, pitch presentation, and prototype

9:30 pm

  • Time is up and all teams must stop work
  • Teams will have 4-5 minutes to pitch the product to a panel of judges

10:00 pm

  • Judges will declare one team a winner