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WHO: Open invitation to Innovators of any age or background. No technical skills required.

WHAT: The goal of our event is to start a movement of promoting healthy systemic change to Haiti through technology and Apps. We need Subject Matter Experts, designers, and engineers to come together on July 19th to Design an app who purpose is to help coordinate the proper resources in Haiti. A suitcase of donated shirts provided to an area can put the local retailer out of business, the app we want to create would help make sure that the right resources are needed in the right places, without killing the local economy.

Our secondary goal is to raise money to get the app developed, promoted, etc. To help continue the work started on July 19th.

WHEN: Wednesday July 19th, 2017 starting at 6:00pm

WHERE: CoWorking Night @ Real Estate Row, 1806 University Drive NW Huntsville, AL. 35801

WHY: The app concepts created for Creative Exchanges Initiative will be used to as a catalyst to start the spread healthy systemic change and sustainable development throughout Haiti and directly impact the lives of many.


SPONSORS: Creative Exchanges Initiative / Huntsville STEAM Works

CONTACT US: matt@newleafdigital.org


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Donate to help us build and promote the app. This will help us continue the work started on July 19th.




Catherine Parrill

Catherine Parrill is founder and CEO of Creative Exchanges Initiative, a nonprofit currently focusing on sustainable development efforts in Haiti. She has taught students from kindergarten through college, was a teacher-trainer in the United States and in Haiti, was Executive Director of Sylvan Learning Centers, has been a business owner, is an author and a musician. Her work in Haiti began as a volunteer in 1990. Over the next few years she became increasingly concerned that well-intentioned giving was not only failing to create sustainable improvements, but was also reinforcing power systems that left out the average person.  The resulting injustices, dependencies, and, sometimes, corruption caused her to leave her Haiti work for a decade. During this period, Haitians in the field had come to similar conclusions about the role of NGOs in Haiti. Catherine and her longtime colleague Rodolphe Eloi decided to bring their combined experience together to create a nonprofit model using dialogical organizational development, to support sustainable development in Haiti.



Design an App concept for an economically self-supporting "hub" where people and organizations in Haiti, the US, Canada and elsewhere could access ideas, information, resources, etc that would spread healthy systemic change and sustainable development throughout Haiti, while also helping fund CEI's lead-work in continual creation and extension of best-practices models.

In addition to the submission of an app concept, create a plan that describes how your team plans on getting the app developed after this competition as well as how the app can be self-sustaining to allow for bug fixes and any future features to be developed.



6:00 pm

6:30 pm

  • Creative Exchanges Initiative will give an overview about their organization, what services they provide for Haiti, and how technology could solve some of the problems they face
  • New Leaf Digital will give a short presentation on the challenge and rules
  • Innovators will be split up into teams of 3 people

7:00 pm

  • Teams will collaborate to work on their prototype and implementation plan 

9:30 pm

  • Time is up and all teams must stop work
  • Teams will have 4-5 minutes to pitch the product to a panel of judges

10:00 pm

  • Judges will declare one team a winner