We're building an innovation economy in Huntsville.

Our programs are designed to meet our members where their needs are. Our entrepreneurial focus is on building social connections and helping our members explore new ideas, whereas our intrapreneurial focus is on skill-building, rapid innovation, and thought leadership.




CoWorking Night

Weekly creative conference

CoWorking Night is a weekly conference where members come to learn, connect, and collaborate. Each CoWorking Night, we host 10 different workshops covering topics in disciplines ranging from Software, to Hardware, Design, Marketing, Sales, etc.

  • 1,100 members
  • 4 events/month
  • 100 attendees/event
  • 25 recurring workshops


Startup Business Club

32/10 (pronounced "thirty-two ten") is a leadership development community for professionals interested in the business side of innovation. Between speaker panels and business case studies, we get together to examine the successes, failures, and lessons learned of entrepreneurs.

  • 700 members
  • 2 events/month
  • 50-500 attendees/event

Open Huntsville

Linkedin for Huntsville

Open Huntsville is a directory of the people, groups, and events happening in Huntsville. It serves as the technological backbone to our programs and events, as well as a means of connecting with talented individuals who may be key to building a cohesive team.

  • 300 members
  • In development

New Leaf Media

A chronicle oF Huntsville Innovation

New Leaf Media is the publishing wing of New Leaf Digital. It encompasses several products and activities: Huntsville Founders, our video interview series; Startups In Huntsville, our directory of tech startups in Huntsville; and This Week In Startups, our column. The New Leaf Media team also posts regularly to social media and covers innovation events happening in the city.


4 Hours to Product

Software Design Competitions

4 Hours to Product is a recurring software design competition that involves members collaborating to rapidly innovate on new ideas. Held at CoWorking Night, 4HTP connects members of varying backgrounds to brainstorm new ideas for ways to solve a problem, write a business plan, build a product prototype, present their work, and be judged on the basis of how realistic their solution might be to the problem/market at hand.