Innovation services

Fostering a culture of innovation isn't only for startups - companies of all sizes stand to gain from thinking outside the box. It's how companies improve existing products, come up with new concepts, and harness trends that could dramatically shape the direction of a company or industry. 

We help companies leverage strategies for faster ideation while inspiring employees and delivering opportunities for advancement. Contact us to discuss how we might be able to help you. 


We'll help your employees build new product innovations through the facilitation of software/design competitions.

Software/Design Competitions & Hackathons

Let us help you innovate internally through the facilitation of software and design competitions. We'll guide your employees through a 4-hour rapid innovation workshop where small teams will collaborate to solve a company problem through the creation of new product prototypes. In the end, teams will have built new innovations that can be harvested for implementation.


We'll bring a panel of experts to your workplace to talk industry, methodology, or product innovation.

Speaker Panels

We'll bring a panel of experts to your workplace to lead a conversation on industry, methodology, or product innovation. Whether for a brown bag lunch or large conference, we can help you select speakers who are guaranteed to inspire and energize your base.


We'll bring cutting-edge technology to your workplace and lead an interactive demo about how it might help your bottom line.

Tech Demos

Let us inspire your employees with some of the newest tech being used by others in the industry. We'll bring cutting-edge technology to your workplace, talk about its real-world application as it relates to your business, and facilitate feasibility training through an interactive workshop.


We'll organize your company's next conference to promote innovation within your industry.

Conferences & Symposiums

Hire us to facilitate your next industry conference. We'll handle the setup, staffing, ticketing, catering, marketing, facilitation, and communication in order to execute a professional trade show on behalf of your company.